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Willoughby Invisalign – Keep Your Smile Beautiful

Willoughby Invisalign – Keep Your Smile Beautiful

Willoughby Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment to align teeth to get a beautiful smile. In this treatment, clear tray aligners are used to align the teeth. These aligners are made up of a blend of plastic, and size is a computer-generated from a mould of the patient’s teeth taken by the dentist to fit the patient’s need. The aligners are strong enough to apply pressure on the misaligned teeth to bring it to the needed position to make your smile perfect!

The tray aligner is not fixed in the mouth; rather, you can easily remove it when needed to brush your teeth and maintain oral health.

Willoughby Invisalign is recommended for what dental issues?

The common dental problems that are corrected by these tray aligners are as follows:

  • gaps between teeth
  • Bite issues ( overbite, underbite, crossbite)
  • crowded teeth

How does it work?

The treatment is simple, and the process is completed in following easy steps; let us elaborate on how this treatment is done.

Meet up with the dentist

Book your appointment with a dentist to let him access if you need Willoughby Invisalign treatment to align your teeth. If you are in need of the treatment and agree to get the service, the dentist proceeds to take the digital scan of your teeth.

Digital scanning of teeth

Dental xray

The 3-D digital scan is taken and sent to the laboratories where your tray aligners are made with precision. The number of trays needed by each patient varies, depending on how severe the misalignment is.

Transformation period

As the tray aligners are ready, the patient is ready to wear it. Depending on the severity of misalignment of teeth, the treatment could take up to six months, but the results are visible in a few weeks. Usually, the tray aligners are worn 20 hours a day. The patient wears the tray aligner over their natural teeth. The patient wears the tray for two weeks before progressing to the next tray. At the end of wearing all the tray series, the patient ends up with a beautiful smile.

You are ready to smile.

Once the teeth are aligned, the treatment is done, and the patient is ready with a confident smile. The patient can compare the before and after picture of the teeth to see a clear difference.

Benefits of Willoughby Invisalign

Woman about to wear Willoughby Invisalign

There are many benefits of this amazing treatment. Let us review these benefits.

  • The tray aligners used in this treatment to align misaligned teeth are best compared to the braces because these trays are removable.
  • Invisalign provides quality treatment, and precise results as digital imaging used to create the trays give a perfect result.
  • Invisalign treatment uses transparent tray aligners and hence does not look bad on the face.
  • As the trays are removable, it is easy to keep oral health. One can easily brush the teeth whenever needed.
  • The treatment is comparatively more costly as compared to traditional braces but is less discomforting.
  • The treatment requires very few visits to the dentist.


This is true that aligners can rectify the aforementioned dental problems, but the treatment has its own limitations. Sometimes aligners are not able to fix serious malocclusion or a badly aligned bite. Moreover, molar gaps are also very difficult to adjust to this treatment. Still, braces are effective for fixing molars and back teeth.

Despite the limitations mentioned above, the procedure is still gaining popularity as it has its own advantages that make it ideal for treating suitable patients. Moreover, many people have successfully gotten their beautiful smiles back with comfort.

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