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Why Buy Reclaimed Teak Outdoor Furniture?

Why Buy Reclaimed Teak Outdoor Furniture?

If you have been looking for modern décor items with lots of character to add to your home or alfresco dining area, then you will have undoubtedly seen ‘reclaimed teak outdoor furniture’ pop up. It’s become very popular with manufacturers and designer brands and is the hottest thing in décor right now so it’s not hard to find unique and interesting items. You likely will have also noticed that high-quality reclaimed teak outdoor furniture can carry a heftier price tag than other common items for alfresco spaces. Why the extra cost? Because reclaimed teak outdoor furniture extremely high quality, beautiful and sought after. The timber used is renowned for it’s unusual natural properties which set it apart from many other types of wood commonly used in patio furniture. It is known for being highly resistant to weather, pests and water damage. Read on below for some more information about what it is and why you should consider investing in it for your home.

Where does reclaimed teak outdoor furniture originate from?

This timber (known scientifically as Tectona Grandis) is a native tree through areas of Asia and grows abundantly in tropical climates. It has been heavily used since the early days of history after it’s unique properties were discovered and people realised it’s potential for a range of applications like the construction of homes and ship-building. The Dutch are known to have used it regularly in their ships. The natural oils in the wood make it highly resistant to damage from water. The timber has also been a popular choice for furniture historically. Unfortunately, it is not a fast-growing wood and so it can take plantations are long time to replenish their stock. The wood has become so highly sought after and rare that it is often very expensive which is why many designers are now finding ways to repurpose old wood, turning it into reclaimed teak outdoor furniture.

Why do people love reclaimed teak outdoor furniture?

table and chair made from reclaimed teak

The timber is very popular for use on patios and in alfresco spaces because it has natural properties that help to protect it from the weather, pests and water damage. Unlike other timbers, reclaimed teak outdoor furniture won’t absorb moisture because the natural oils and rubber in the timber repel it. This helps to keep rot and other problems at bay. With reclaimed teak outdoor furniture, you won’t experience problems with pests like white ants eating it or have to deal with dry rot and fungi. The natural properties of the wood remain even after it has been harvested and make it almost impervious to the conditions that would destroy other lesser quality timbers. Other options for alfresco and patio décor are high maintenance and require constant care and attention to keep them protected from the weather. Repurposed timbers will look great for a lifetime on your patio – as it ages it often gets even more character and gets a weathered grey look. If you prefer honeyed brown tones, a sand and a polish will bring the natural shine of the wood out. Whilst it can be more of an investment many buyers will discover that they save a lot on maintenance and replacements and that the timber only gets better and better with age.

You should know

Be careful of products trying to imitate the timber or that use the outer layers of the tree as this does not have the same durability at the timber. When purchasing make sure you take careful note of the workmanship and quality of the item to avoid any buyers regret.

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