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We can not ignore the latest trends in digital marketing when our business or its division is online. But not only that, but we must anticipate, as far as possible, the competition regarding marketing actions. In everything that happens in the web universe in general, and in Marketing in particular, the trends change regularly. The use that the user makes of the web, social networks, digital fashions, technological advances ... Everything adds up so that this world is in a constant oscillation that forces creatives, programmers and marketing experts to be in continuous learning. And to you, entrepreneur, also in some way.

Archive November 2018

Upcoming Digital Marketing Trends For 2018

So there are many techniques, actions and tools and changing digital trends to optimize our online business, to which many new ones join every time. For example, publishing an ad on Google is still a good strategy, although search engine advertising requires more effort in configuration and optimization so that campaigns are successful and our budget does not disappear.

Being a digital company is something almost mandatory today. Therefore, it is best to know how to be to achieve your goals. And since this of Digital Marketing has a lot of planning, what better than to start planning for what 2018 has in store for us and preparing our strategies.

Online Marketing Trends In 2018

We have already said that every year online marketing trends are different, improved and renewed, which forces companies and brands to develop and restore their digital strategy.

By 2018, the trend suggests that the following will be the key to online marketing :

In the age of audiovisual content, any information that integrates this content will continue to be at the top since the smartphone, and social networks are increasingly used, and it is expected that next year two-thirds of the mobile content will be audiovisual.

The speed at the time of offering the information will be fundamental to retain our customers.

Use of Big Data and Business Intelligence tools.

Social networks will continue to be a great showcase of our company, as these are not only a social space but also help us to attract customers and retain existing ones. Also, in some social networks like Facebook you can make announcements and segment your target audience, with it you will be able to know who your potential and current customers are using a data analysis tool.

Regarding the image, in addition to having good quality, it has to have a good design, since consumers are becoming more demanding when they browse a website. Now they not only look for the product, but their eyes want to see something beautiful.

The content continues to be king. Publish quality content often on your website or blog is vital for your SEO.

Also, in 2018 we hope that digital communication will continue to conquer more reluctant sectors traditionally to develop digital strategies. This is the case of Marketing for lawyers. Recall that this year we talked about how communication was the great unfinished business of the legal sector, and we are already beginning to see how more and more legal professionals attach great importance to the digital presence of law firms and law firms.

What Kind Of Content To Use?

It is essential to know what techniques to use when publishing content on the Internet and who to contact. Remember that our digital marketing strategy will be useful if it is focused on the right people. Otherwise, the message will not reach the user.

In this sense, it is vital to begin our strategy with a study of our ideal client, which in Inbound marketing translates into the person Buyer. If we want, for example, to carry out a campaign in social networks or to publish an advertisement in Google, we must first study our target audience and then launch the drive using the appropriate techniques or means.

If this article will help you to be up to speed next year and that your Marketing campaigns help you to make your business a success, please do let us know.…

The Final Line Of 2017 In Your E-Commerce

The last quarter of the year is possibly the most productive for your online store. From the Vuelta al cole in September to the Christmas season, going through the Black Friday, there will be several options you have to make the most of your e-commerce by helping you with the appropriate Marketing actions. Let’s review how to deal with the commercial milestones that are coming. Take good note, who knows if you can do “August” in the fall.

Prepare your online store for commercial events

One of the most important things is to be prepared for the future, stock up on everything that we will need for upcoming events such as Christmas, Halloween, Black Friday and Cyber Monday since they are the most important commercial events of the last season of the year. And when we talk about provisions, we do not only refer to the stock of the product you offer but also to digital supplies. Make sure the images are ready, and your advertising is prepared! Check your website to get a correct optimization of your content and proper positioning. A well-optimized website is more attractive to users and will increase the time spent on a site.

A good idea to complete, if you want to increase user traffic to your website, is to organize a contest on social networks. If you manage to make it viral in the systems, you can swell your list of followers and get new visitors to discover your products.

Another point to remember is to post opinions from other clients to build trust in your website. On the other hand, when you make promotions give importance to your best customers with private sales, group the products in development in the same place and cross out the previous price so that the user can see the advantage of the discount. Also, to publicize these promotions you can use newsletters, SMS campaigns and social networks or advertising banners, the carousel, labels, and cross sales. If, also, you have your online store created with Prestashop you can use various modules that will make it easy for you to manage your campaigns.

Our Christmas Gift For Your Online Store

These commercial milestones are also an excellent opportunity, not only to increase your sales but also to make your e-commerce known to new users. For this, we can carry out various strategies such as advertising on Google or Facebook. And one of the most propitious moments for the commerce, Yes, also for the electronic, it is the Christmas campaign. A campaign that, on the other hand, starts every time before. So write down these tips because you can start to get them going very soon.

– Approve good products, especially the most popular.

– Update the stock notification and do not wait for stocks to run out.

– If you have an exhausted product, point it out on your website or delete it if you are not going to have it again.

– Indicates the available quantity of each product.

– Offers different methods of delivery, shipping and returns for free on the website.

– Give your customers the option to get a gift wrap to wrap their products for free or for a reduced price.

– Decorate your online store according to the time of year.

– Improved banners and carousel to better guide customers to products.

–     Adapt your SEO to the Christmas season.

– Synchronize your catalog with the price comparators so that it appears in the excellent position.

– Use platforms like Amazon to improve your Christmas sales.

– Stay always accessible to your customers. It offers a live chat to solve the doubts of the users.

In addition to all these tips, you can also implement others to continue optimizing your online store and thus, offer more facilities and choice to your customers:

– It is essential to follow the law to avoid conflicts.

– Improves search options.

– Allows customers to share what they like most about your website in social networks.

– Propose products in packs and cross sales to encourage customers to spend more.

– It facilitates the user to use existing accounts to make a purchase, instead of having him fill out a massive form.

– Give your customers the possibility to create wishlists.

– Decrease the loading time of your website.

– Create an advent calendar.

– Offers gift cards, making clear their conditions of use.

– Send discount coupons and reminders by mail.

All these tips are critical to our online store, as more and more users are making their purchases over the Internet.

Stand out from your digital competence

And, in case we have not said so far, we recommend that you be different and unique. Something essential is to differentiate ourselves from the competition to get them to choose us. For this, we can offer personalized gifts, as they are becoming more fashionable in Christmas times, or also a personalized card added to the product that the customer will give away. In this way, the client will feel special and is that, who makes a sweet tooth?

Also, it is necessary to invest in advertising on the eve of the weekend of 9 and 10 December, as it is the most important of the year when making purchases. It is also good to stock up for end-of-year purchases and secures a discount on December 26.

And, finally, the customer will value that we indicate how long it will take to get your order and until when you can acquire it to arrive on time.

We believe that this study will help you optimize your online store and take advantage of these tips. And remember, the success of e-commerce comes in the long term, we must insist and be very consistent.

Tips To Improve Seo Writing

When writing a text for the Internet we must bear in mind that it will reach a global diffusion, so we must pay particular attention to its writing. The time we have to capture the attention of a user on the Internet is minimal, so we must take care of the book to the maximum and attract it with a good news headline.

Tips to improve SEO writing

To begin, you must take into account some primary caves: the titles must summarize the content of the text. They should contain the keyword and give an idea about what can be found in the body of the book.

In a website, users use a reading system different from the one we use when reading on paper since we go through the screen from top to bottom with the view. This is why it is necessary to concentrate the information load in the paragraphs above and to reduce the importance of the text as it is downloaded. This structure is the classical inverted pyramid and is usually applied in Internet news portals, as well as in the written press.

In addition to using this structure, it is essential to separate the text into paragraphs of a good number of words so as not to tire the user. A few lines per item can be enough to communicate an idea.

As for the way to present the main ideas, the use of lists numbered by points is a simple way to structure the content and get the attention of the reader. An organized text with lists is more convenient to read and allows you to keep the user on the page.

Another pattern of journalistic writing that can be applied to create better-written texts is the so-called “3C rule”. And it consists of the following elements:

– Clarity: transmit ideas using a technical language, but easy to understand for readers.

– Correction: slang should not be used, and it is necessary to take care of the spelling of the texts.

– Concision: the message should be as short and direct as possible.

– Tone: at 3C you can add a fourth element, the sound. Keep the text with an active rhythm to avoid monotony on the part of the reader.

How to make quality content for the web

The continuous changes in the algorithms of Google have made it essential to create quality content to be well positioned. Search engines place positively those websites that contain useful information and content of interest to users. The objective of publishing quality articles is for the site to be recognized and perceived as a reference source in the sector. Likewise, low-quality materials must be avoided, since they generate the rejection of readers and are penalized by search engines.

Quality articles are understood to be those that meet the following conditions:

– Written by experts considered credible sources in their field of knowledge.

– Content published on prestigious sites with a link to the cause.

– New and original content.

– Articles of considerable size and careful editing.

Use Seo Intelligently

Writing content to publish on the Internet from the SEO point of view can be complicated since we must try to reach a density of keywords. That is, three or four words should be repeated between 2% and 5% throughout the text. The words must be inserted naturally to prevent search engines from taking it as spam. A good number to use is three keywords (one primary and two secondaries).

Another essential part of SEO writing is the use of meta tags, which make it easier to search for information from search engines. The meta description, on the other hand, must be unique for each entry, since using it in several articles can cause duplicate content problems.

Using bold is an additional way to not only highlight a sentence in the text but also to tell the robots what our priority keywords are. Robots first identify a word in bold than one that is not.

Just believe that certain points will help you improve your web writing as well as promote the positioning of your corporate blog and that the time you spend writing will pay off in Google. If you want to delve into the subject, here is a link to download our complete Web Writing Manual for FREE. We hope it helps you!…